Blogger’s Meet at Harry’s Bar & Café Fun Republic



Great company – ✓
Excellent music – ✓
Decent food and alcohol – ✓

What more does one need for a Friday night? The newly opened Harry’s Bar & Café at Fun Republic (Andheri) part of the chain started not so long ago by Jim Gelpi (along with 13 of his friends) in the year 1992 is a quaint place to spend an evening after a long day’s work. Besides, well-priced alcohol and food are hardly an offer to refuse. The infamous Chef Vicky Ratnani and the Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) came together to give us bloggers a fun evening at Harry’s.

On the (vegetarian) menu, were stuffed mushrooms, Vietnamese spring rolls, nachos, cottage cheese in Moroccan spices, marinated olives and feta in a jar, wasabi cottage cheese squares, Thai curry and crispy potatoes.

My personal favourites were the Ratatouille stuffed mushrooms caps – delectable, juicy, and incredibly tender, and the wasabi cottage cheese squares. Normally I shy away from wasabi considering it can get a tad spicy, but this dish brought together the texture of the cottage cheese and the wasabi beautifully. This item is a must have. Crispy chilli potatoes are always a delight for anyone that enjoys the taste of so called ‘Desi Chinese’ food. The nachos unfortunately were a huge let down. Served cold and all mushy, I’m not so sure that the refried beans were too fresh either.. or at the way they tasted told me so. If there’s one restaurant that does great nachos, that has to be Sanchos. Not to digress, but in case anybody was wondering 🙂 The Vietnamese spring rolls were raw cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts (I think) and toasted peanuts, wrapped in rice paper served with a soy chilli sauce. I’d like to give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt that it probably wasn’t served to me at the right temperature, but these didn’t do anything for me. It’s a great, healthy dish, and I’m a sucker for soy chilli sauce, but somehow this just seemed to lack flavour, despite the chilli sauce. The cottage cheese with Moroccan spices didn’t seem to do much for me either. It was an overdose of spices. The Thai curry was served last and brought a smile back to my face. Served at the perfect temperature, this was a delight. The marinated olives and feta in a jar kept me great company as I waited for the next dish to arrive.

With so many new additions to Mumbai’s nightlife circuit, Harry’s definitely stands out owing to their pricing and great vibes, so this one is definitely worth a visit.