Khao Gali to China House!

From lip smacking street food at Khao Gali at the Lobby Lounge, to Valentine’s Day specials at The Gourmet Store and finally to the recently launched Hotpot and barbecue menus at China House, the Grand Hyatt Mumbai treated us to a full-fledged palatable affair over the weekend!

Khao Galli Specials at Lobby Lounge 


Giving you a glimpse into Mumbai’s famous street food, the Khao Gali has been launched at the Lobby Lounge keeping in mind its social and cultural aspects. Available through the month of February, specials on the menu include – a street food station (dahi vada, pani puri, ragda pattiss, sev puri), Bun Maska with masala chai, Frankies, Masala Papad, Pav Bhaji, Missal pav, Vada Pav, Bhaji pav, Bread pakoda, and Falooda and Mewad Kulfi for dessert. That menu has me salivating!


Valentine Indulgence
~ All you need is love.. but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!~

The Gourmet Store at the Grand Hyatt is celebrating the season of love with a thoughtfully crafted array of special offerings and exquisite gourmet preparations like the Strawberry heart cake, Valentine bitter chocolate cake, Red velvet slice, Linzer eye heart cookies, Valentine cupcakes, macaroons, the exclusive Jar of love and assorted praline and truffles. One look at these and I knew I had found true love. The passionfruit and mango pralines were my favourite. Unfortunately most of the other desserts contained egg so all I could do was lust.. sigh.. 

 Hot Pot & Barbecue Nights at China House

China House, one of the best Asian food restaurants in the city now offers Chinese Hot Pot with a fiery Chinese Barbecue specially crafted by Chef Xiang Bin Li and his team. The Hot Pot is a traditional Chinese way of preparing food directly at the dining table. A pot filled with simmering spicy stock is placed at the center of the table, and surrounded by different ingredients (meats and veggies). The ingredients are then added to the stock for a few minutes to cook and served individually. You can then choose from peanut butter, garlic and hot and sweet sauces to compliment your hot pot. The vegetarian ingredients included mushrooms, broccoli, lettuce, tofu, glass noodles and flat noodles. Chef Li also has an array of traditional smoky siu mei, barbecued meats and/or veggies (mushrooms, potatoes, tofu, lotus root, arum) cooked to perfection in a barbecue, chilli garlic, black pepper and mala sauce.



The cherry on top is this stunning setting of the outdoor pagodas. Book your table at the earliest as Mumbai’s winter slowly bids us adieu this month!

Iftar Specials at Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Grand Hyatt Mumbai presents a special Iftar menu at Fifty Five East throughout the holy period of Ramadan.


Indulge in all-time favorite Iftar preparations at the splendid dinner buffet with a designated Iftar seating zone in the restaurant. Savor chef crafted Iftar specialties alongside a global buffet as you express gratitude and pray for well-being of loved ones in this holy month.

As the sun sets, the ceremonious sound is an eagerly welcomed invitation to the joyous meal of Iftar – a time when family, friends and communities celebrate the special season of Ramadan together as one. Honoured to be part of these festivities, the restaurant presents to you an incredible dinner buffet with Iftar specialties in addition to a myriad range of international cuisines; Lebanese mezze, Indian and Western delicacies as well as a magnificent dessert zone.

Fifty Five East Restaurant -_Lebanese_Offerings

Enjoy Ramadan specials like samosa, biryani, short (all non-vegetarian), kabuli chana masala, kebabs, khichda, assorted pakoras and many more. Satiate your sweet tooth with their indulgent falooda, fruit milkshakes, kheer, seviyan payassam, sooji badam halwa and more. From celebrating Iftar with your family to inviting loved ones for a memorable meal, the Iftar buffet at Fifty Five East is the perfect destination for creating beautiful memories this Ramadan.


Assorted Arabic Sweets – Konafa, Semolina Cake, Sesame Seed Brittle

Iftar offerings at Fifty Five East buffet are available for dinner from June 7 – July 7
 at INR 1900 (plus taxes per person).

For further information please call +91 22 6676 1149, or visit to book online and avail 20% discount 🙂

Submitted by The Grand Hyatt Mumbai for Chai Cake & Kitsch. 


Mango Festival at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai

The Summer Season is on with all its fury in the country but it’s raining mangoes at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai!

The Indian summer besides the scorching heat also brings with it the King of all fruits, the beautiful mango. With hand-picked, perfectly ripe golden mangoes, The Grand Hyatt Mumbai brings an array of sinful mango desserts and some savoury dishes, available at The Lobby Lounge and The Gourmet Shop.

It’s definitely a task trying to pick my favourite because they were all so delectable, but my top picks would be the Mango Tart, the Mango Passion Pralines and the Raw Mango Rice Paper Rolls.

The Mango Trifle Pudding was presented in a ripe mango slice. This one was light, fresh and easy to finish in 3 scoops 😉 As was the baked mango but that took me only 2 scoops 😉 The Pudding isn’t on the menu but Chef created it with a sponge soaked in sugar syrup made with star anise and cinnamon. This, along with its presentation, differentiates it from any pudding I’ve had before.

The Cheesecake had just the right amount of sweetness, the mango wasn’t overpowering the dish and was dense to perfection. The Mango Passion Pralines were easily one of the best chocolates I have ever eaten. The perfect combination of both fruits and filled with a juicy centre, these were little drops of heaven ❤ I recommend you pick up a box.. or two 😉

How many of you have though of combining Nutella and ripe mango slices together? Does the thought of too much sweetness make you cringe? I urge you to do away with all that negativity and make yourself one of these sandwiches! Served with a mango chutney (this is mango pulp mixed with a sweet chilli sauce) this is a great snack.

After all this sweetness, Chef was kind enough to make me a dish of the Vegetable and Raw Mango Rice Paper Rolls (they had a non-vegetarian dish prepped, so made this very kindly for me) which I LOVED. The simplicity of sliced vegetables and raw mangoes with a beautiful rice paper covering served with sweet chilli and mango chutney made the dish a hero.

Be sure to book your table for the week at the Lobby Lounge or visit the store before the season runs out! I promise you, you do not want to miss it.

Thank you for having me over Grand Hyatt Mumbai!

Lunching Just Got Better !



Enjoy a delectable feast with more than 30 dimsum varieties at Grand Hyatt Mumbai.

China House – the award winning Chinese restaurant at Grand Hyatt Mumbai brings home authentic YUMCHA offering for lunch starting April 2016. Yumcha (饮茶), also known as ‘going for dim sum‘, is a type of Chinese style brunch tea, which involves drinking Chinese tea and eating dimsum. It is popular in Cantonese-speaking regions in China and has spread to other regions worldwide due to the presence of overseas Chinese.

You can choose from the delectable dimsum selections and relish the traditional preparations with Chinese Tea.

The YUMCHA menu will be served in its traditional method that dates back to the early 60s, when dimsum items were precooked in advance in the kitchen and brought out into the dining area in baskets by the chefs.

Few of the authentic offerings include –

Steamed crystal prawn dumplings              水晶虾饺皇

Prawns Spinach rolls                                豉汁翡翠菠菜卷

Crispy prawn spring rolls                          脆皮炸虾春卷

Lobster truffle mushroom dumplings           龙虾松露饺

Chilli and sea bass dumplings                    鲈鱼海鲜饺

Shanghai chicken soup dumpling               上海小笼包

Barbeque chicken buns                             鸡肉叉烧包

V Pan fried radish cake                             香煎萝卜丝饼

V Edamame beans dumplings                    松露毛豆饺

V Sichuan vegetarian wonton                     山城素抄手

V Zucchini, Aspargus dumpling                 双瓜同心饺

V Pumpkin dumpling                              南瓜饺

V Chinese cabbage water chestnut dumpling 上素白菜饺

V Spinach peanut dumpling                      相思饺

V Mushroom and vegetables buns             什锦素包
The lunch is available at China House, Grand Hyatt Mumbai. For more details visit or call 022 66761149.

This post has been submitted by the Grand Hyatt Mumbai to Chai Cake and Kitsch. 

We Are 12 – 12th Anniversary Celebrations at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai


Celebrate the Grand Life with on the 17th of every month in 2016.

MUMBAI (March 2016): Grand Hyatt Mumbai, the multidimensional lifestyle complex is celebrating 12 years of creating moments, this March 17 and to commemorate the special anniversary, they are introducing special offers and exclusive discounts on the 17th of every month in 2016!

They believe that celebrations need not be restricted to one day and hence are inviting guests to celebrate with them throughout the year. Walk into grand discounts and surprises on the 17th with upto 50% discount on food and beverage offerings, surprise gifts, special beverages and a host of other enthralling activities.

Sunjae Sharma, Area Vice President/ General Manager of Grand Hyatt Mumbai states, “We are in the business of providing authentic hospitality and creating moments of more for our guests. As we herald another milestone with our 12th anniversary on March 17th 2016, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all our stakeholders for their love and unwavering support. We have some grand surprises planned for all our guests. We believe you will enjoy them as much as we did planning them for you.”

ROOM PACKAGE – enjoy grand stays at half the price*

The ‘Celebrate With Grandeur Offer’ is available to book from 13 March – 3 April, 2016 for stay between 20 March – 3 April 2016. Enjoy a Grand Stay at half the price* as #WeAre12 this March 2016.

Visit and select your dates of day. Call 91 22 66761234 for assistance.


  • CELINI – 30% discount* on food & soft beverages
  • SOMA – 30% discount* on food & soft beverages
  • FIFTY FIVE EAST – 50% discount* on food & soft beverages
  • CHINA HOUSE – 30% discount* on food & soft beverages

For more information and to make reservations, call +91 22 6676 1149 or write to *Terms and Conditions apply.


  • CLUB OASIS – 30% discount* on your spa treatment and 70% discount on the next one.
  • CHRISTIAAN GEORGIO – 30% discount* on your select services.

For more information on Spa offers and to make reservations, call +91 22 6676 1144, write to *Terms and Conditions Apply.
For further information on Salon Offers, call +91 22 6676 1216, write to *Terms and Conditions Apply.

Share your #LivingGrand experiences with them on social media @GrandHyattMum. You can also follow the buzz on #WeAre12 and #LivingGrand.

Submitted by The Grand Hyatt Mumbai