Profile Pic (1).pngHi! I’m Rohini, better known to my wonderful family and friends as Ron, Ro and Dee dee. Welcome to my world!

I live in the fast paced, multicultural city of dreams – Mumbai, India. I’m a true blue Gujarati by blood and heart and wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world! We have a rich culture and even better than that, some fantabulous vegetarian FOOD (which will pretty much dominate my blog because like all my fellow Gujaratis, I love my food).

I’ve grown up watching my mum and grandma rustle up the most delectable recipes and took to cooking instantly. I started cooking at the age of 18 and haven’t looked back since. This is not to say that I am any kind of gourmand. Trust me, I am far from being one. I have burnt my baked goodies several times, cut my fingers, and still can’t cut an onion without crying. I do however, LOVE good food and anyone that knows me, knows that I’m the kind of girl that lives to eat!

I started experimenting some more with simple, student-friendly recipes whilst pursing my Masters in International Business at the prestigious Durham University, in my immensely quaint and picturesque Durham Heritage city, tucked away in Northeast England. This was more like a ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’ kind of situation. I was missing mum’s fresh home cooked meals terribly and besides, I was so done with those ready to eat soups, pastas, salads and sandwiches! Not to mention I was piling on those nasty pounds!

I’ve been blessed with what I think is a good body shape, but also one that needs to be maintained (how I wish I was one of those skinny people that could eat incessantly and just not get fat, but life isn’t so fair, ha?) So whenever people see me trying to control my food intake I always get a “Oh my God! You are so thin! Why do you need to diet?” What they fail to understand is that I, like a lot of other girls, struggle with my weight. As infuriating as it is, I do have to watch what I eat and work out 4 times a week, which I do actually enjoy (I feel my prettiest when I’m busy busting my back side off at the gym and sweating away to glory). This aspect of my life will contribute to some diet recipes and my workouts being posted from time to time.

I decided to start this blog as a means of expressing myself and bringing together all the things that I enjoy – Food, Fitness, Photography, Travel and overall Well-being. I hope that you all enjoy reading this, as much as I will enjoy working on it!

Finally, to quote Dr. Seuss, always remember, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”!

Feel free to write to me at chaicakekitsch@gmail.com

Happy Reading!


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  1. Hi Rohini…..just read about your Greece trip…was good and then just read your introduction…..was really nice.
    Actually, am a family friend from Rajkot….do tell your mom….will definitely check out your blog , all the best!
    Love, Kanan.

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