Restaurant Week India – Dining With Botticino

Ola Prime presents Restaurant Week India was back this September from the 16th to the 25th with a host of participating restaurants in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and making its debut in Pune.

Ola Prime presents Restaurant Week is the largest pan-India culinary event spanning over 10 days and 6 cities giving discerning food enthusiasts the opportunity to dine at some of India’s finest restaurants at a fraction of a la carte rates. As the presenting sponsor, all Restaurant Week Diners were offered complimentary rides to and fro in Ola Prime cabs.

Our choice of fine dine was the Botticino at the Trident, BKC, always a personal favourite. There is no doubt about the fact that Chef Sushil Multani and his team are artists par excellence and they displayed their talent once again at our dinner.

The evening began with an Amuse Bouche – Fresh watermelon packed with orange juice, courtesy molecular gastronomy. What a delightful way to kick off the meal. Next was the Minestrone a’la Botticino served at the perfect temperature. It was packed with flavour, however unfortunately the vegetables were a tad too soft, overcooked.

Then we were served what turned out to be the favourite part of our meal – Beetroot tartare with orange spheres, beetroot macaroons and preserved lemon gel. So fresh and light, it felt like a garden in the mouth! The orange spheres were the perfect amount of tangy so as to cut through the sweetness of the macaroons and lemon gel. This dish takes the team 3 hours to prep for and 4 minutes to plate! Certainly worth every minute spent on it ❤

We were then offered the guava sorbet as a palate cleanser with black salt and chilli powder. This was nothing like anything we’ve ever had before!

Mains included Spaghetti Primavera with grilled vegetables, capers, olives in a Mama Rosa sauce. Rich, thick and smokey this is a MUST HAVE. Since I vacationed in Italy this year, the Primavera took me back, making me plan my next European holiday already!

Then to desserts – my oh my the Affagato! The dessert glass was topped with a chocolate bowl, hot espresso was poured over this in order to melt it into the glass. The dessert comprised of vanilla ice cream, praline, nuts and chocolate shavings.. bitter, sweet and warm. This is officially what heaven must be like…

The chocolate feuillant is another recommendation seeing as it has a chocolate mousse base topped with meringue and chocolate fans. Despite being absolutely full, we still dug into this combination of the smooth meringue and the crispy chocolate fans. A third (!!) dessert was their famous trio of gelatos – Fig, berry & chocolate chip. The perfect, light, refreshing way to end such a heavy meal!


We’d like to thank the organisers, Ola and The Trident for having us over and treating us to such a gracious meal. Dining at the Botticino each time is an experience in itself. Our preferences and diets are always taken care of and not to forget the incredible hospitality we are always shown!

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