Iftar Specials at Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Grand Hyatt Mumbai presents a special Iftar menu at Fifty Five East throughout the holy period of Ramadan.


Indulge in all-time favorite Iftar preparations at the splendid dinner buffet with a designated Iftar seating zone in the restaurant. Savor chef crafted Iftar specialties alongside a global buffet as you express gratitude and pray for well-being of loved ones in this holy month.

As the sun sets, the ceremonious sound is an eagerly welcomed invitation to the joyous meal of Iftar – a time when family, friends and communities celebrate the special season of Ramadan together as one. Honoured to be part of these festivities, the restaurant presents to you an incredible dinner buffet with Iftar specialties in addition to a myriad range of international cuisines; Lebanese mezze, Indian and Western delicacies as well as a magnificent dessert zone.

Fifty Five East Restaurant -_Lebanese_Offerings

Enjoy Ramadan specials like samosa, biryani, short (all non-vegetarian), kabuli chana masala, kebabs, khichda, assorted pakoras and many more. Satiate your sweet tooth with their indulgent falooda, fruit milkshakes, kheer, seviyan payassam, sooji badam halwa and more. From celebrating Iftar with your family to inviting loved ones for a memorable meal, the Iftar buffet at Fifty Five East is the perfect destination for creating beautiful memories this Ramadan.


Assorted Arabic Sweets – Konafa, Semolina Cake, Sesame Seed Brittle

Iftar offerings at Fifty Five East buffet are available for dinner from June 7 – July 7
 at INR 1900 (plus taxes per person).

For further information please call +91 22 6676 1149, or visit hyattrestaurants.com to book online and avail 20% discount 🙂

Submitted by The Grand Hyatt Mumbai for Chai Cake & Kitsch. 


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