Product Review: GAIA Health Care

Gaia is the Greek name for the Goddess of the Earth, a fitting name for a brand that mines the health secrets of the earth for all of us to benefit from. As the earth regenerates itself, so do we. Gaia was founded on the belief that nature, through the earth’s diversity of flora and fauna, offers us the best solutions for all our health and personal care needs – GAIA GOOD HEALTH. Bringing science and nature together, GAIA introduces a range of health care products including nutritional supplements, green teas, green ice teas, muesli, cookies, Stevia tablets and sachets as well as health bars.

“Where there’s tea, there’s hope” – Arthur Wing Pinero


One of my favourite things to do after a long day’s work or a lazy Sunday afternoon is to curl up with a good book and an even better cup of tea. It’s generally a cup of home made masala chai but lately I’ve turned to a beautiful Green Tea that was sent over to me by GAIA Good Health.


The numerous benefits of Green tea are known to all – it’s ability to increase metabolism, fight fat, improve brain function, it’s full of antioxidants, kill bacteria, improve the health of your teeth, reduce diabetes, even cardiovascular disease, and so much more. When combined with Lime & Honey, it’s benefits are snowballing!

Green Tea & Lime – Studies show that citrus juice helps bring out the green tea’s oxidants making more available to the body for absorption.

Green Tea &  Honey – This is a great substitute for those who add sugar to their green tea. Honey is a rich source of vitamins, magnesium and other minerals and antioxidants.

GAIA Green Tea – This tea is so soothing, so smooth, it’s sure to teleport you to an exotic spa. I kid you not, it feels exactly like a spa but in your mouth! I definitely give this a 5/5.DSC_0566

A good breakfast they say is the best way to kick off your day and battle your urge to snack on unhealthy foods through the day. I mostly turn to a bowl of oats or muesli for the same.

Muesli has much less sugar and calories than most packaged cereals. It’s extremely high in fiber which not only helps you clean your stomach but also keeps you feeling fuller, longer. It is consumed with dairy products which of course is great for health. I now swear by the fruits and honey muesli by GAIA. The fruits bring just enough sweetness to the muesli so there is no need for any added sugar making this an extremely healthy option.

Their protein bars and multigrain cookies make for great snacks. I generally pop in a cookie two hours after my breakfast to avoid being famished by lunch time and a protein bar 3 hours after lunch. They keep me feeling full, I don’t turn towards any unhealthy snacks, are less in calories and extremely high in taste.

I certainly recommend getting your hands on these ASAP. Thank you for sending these over GAIA, it’s great to have been introduced to guilt free eating/snacking!

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