Cheers ! Or Kanpai ?

Cheers in English,
Salute in Italian,
Yamas in Greek and Kanpai in Japanese! That’s what Bandra will be cheering to, the opening of the newest, chicest Japanese Bar & Lounge in town, Kanpai.

IMG_8440.JPGOpened above Shopper’s Stop Bandra, Kanpai has been brought to the city by the team of Kofuku. Kofuku caught the fancy of many a Japanese food admirers and found huge success quickly. At Kanpai, Chef James Biaka creates an aura with a sophisticated twist on the traditional Japanese Izakaya style of informal eating and drinking. Since I am off alcohol for a while, my review will only be extended to the food.

On the Blogger’s Table, my table rather, since I was the only vegetarian there!:

  1. To die for maki roll(veg)
  2. Crispy California roll(veg)
  3. Chilli garlic Edamame(veg)
  4. Rock corn in creamy spicy sauce(veg)
  5. Cristal vegetable dim sum (veg)

To die for maki roll – I devoured this sushi – Topped with soft avocado and a chilli mayo, it was close to a melting moment. I wish the size of the sushi piece was smaller though, making it easier to eat.


Crispy California roll – Now I know there’s nothing unique about a California roll, but the layer of inari tofu on top with a burnt, barbecued flavour sets this one apart ! Maybe this could’ve been called To Die For !


Yicky icky something nuts ! My apologies, but these odd looking Gingko nuts were tasted every bit as funny as they looked. The texture was akin to olives, but stickier, they lacked flavour and just left a bad taste on my palate.


Chilli Garlic edamame – if I could’ve eaten the entire bowl of these without looking like a glutton, there’s no doubt that I  wouldn’t have! They are an extremely healthy option with loads of flavour! You can’t go wrong with chilli and garlic now can you?


Crystal vegetable dumplings – I think Chef added these on the menu when he was told a vegetarian would be joining the table! The dumplings were lovely, perfectly cooked, and it was pretty easy to pop all four in.


What’s not to like about deep fried corn balls covered in a spicy mayo? If you’re in mood to add a little something something on your cheat day, these babies are the right choice. These Rock Corn Balls stole my heart, and my calories !


With bars mushrooming all over Bandra, Kanpai certainly stands out. The music isn’t so loud, so you don’t have to scream your lungs out just to have the person opposite you listen to you. They aren’t experimenting with the menu and getting it wrong so that’s a welcoming change! The decor is minimalistic yet chic, a great place to be at even on weekdays.

To book a table at Kanpai, call on 022-66955105 / 022-66955106.

Photo courtesy: Alok Verma