Mango Festival at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai

The Summer Season is on with all its fury in the country but it’s raining mangoes at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai!

The Indian summer besides the scorching heat also brings with it the King of all fruits, the beautiful mango. With hand-picked, perfectly ripe golden mangoes, The Grand Hyatt Mumbai brings an array of sinful mango desserts and some savoury dishes, available at The Lobby Lounge and The Gourmet Shop.

It’s definitely a task trying to pick my favourite because they were all so delectable, but my top picks would be the Mango Tart, the Mango Passion Pralines and the Raw Mango Rice Paper Rolls.

The Mango Trifle Pudding was presented in a ripe mango slice. This one was light, fresh and easy to finish in 3 scoops 😉 As was the baked mango but that took me only 2 scoops 😉 The Pudding isn’t on the menu but Chef created it with a sponge soaked in sugar syrup made with star anise and cinnamon. This, along with its presentation, differentiates it from any pudding I’ve had before.

The Cheesecake had just the right amount of sweetness, the mango wasn’t overpowering the dish and was dense to perfection. The Mango Passion Pralines were easily one of the best chocolates I have ever eaten. The perfect combination of both fruits and filled with a juicy centre, these were little drops of heaven ❤ I recommend you pick up a box.. or two 😉

How many of you have though of combining Nutella and ripe mango slices together? Does the thought of too much sweetness make you cringe? I urge you to do away with all that negativity and make yourself one of these sandwiches! Served with a mango chutney (this is mango pulp mixed with a sweet chilli sauce) this is a great snack.

After all this sweetness, Chef was kind enough to make me a dish of the Vegetable and Raw Mango Rice Paper Rolls (they had a non-vegetarian dish prepped, so made this very kindly for me) which I LOVED. The simplicity of sliced vegetables and raw mangoes with a beautiful rice paper covering served with sweet chilli and mango chutney made the dish a hero.

Be sure to book your table for the week at the Lobby Lounge or visit the store before the season runs out! I promise you, you do not want to miss it.

Thank you for having me over Grand Hyatt Mumbai!

Mövenpick Ice Creams at DLF India

Press Release: The iconic Swiss ice-cream brand Mövenpick has opened up a flagship store in Noida, the very first boutique store in Delhi NCR. This is Mövenpick‘s second outlet in the National Capital Region. Movenpick’s 800 sq ft dedicated ice cream boutique store located in the largest shopping mall in India, DLF Mall of India is an added delight for shoppers.

Movenpick Store at Mall of India.jpg

Founded in 1961, the Mövenpick brand has delighted Swiss consumers for more than 4 decades, and today it offers joy to ice cream lovers around the world including 300 boutiques throughout Europe, Asia and Australia, and is served in five-star restaurants and hotels in more than 40 countries around the world.

The gourmet dessert destination menu boasts of 22 ice cream flavours, including the all time favourite Swiss Chocolate, Espresso Croquant, Creme Brulee Espresso and Macadamia available in waffle cone/ basket. The global ice cream brand owes its inspiration to a revolutionary vision of culinary excellence that swept through Swiss restaurants in the 1960s. Mövenpickoffers a full service cafe for those who are looking to hangout with friends over desserts, tea and coffee. Movenpick spoils you for choice with their dessert offerings like Waffles with white chocolate and raspberry obsession, Pancakes with maple walnut indulgence, Macaroons, Sundaes, Soda floats and 99% fat free sparkling sorbets, when the heart desires, providing a larger than life experience of a fun café and ice-cream boutique rolled into one.


On the menu is also a large selection of gourmet teas and coffee. With all the shopping bags in tow, a trip to the magical world of Mövenpick outlet this summer will surely be a winner.

Movenpick with its choicest selections of ice creams, shakes, pancakes, macaroons and beverages is the cool new hangout in town. The premium ice cream brand is brought in India by entrepreneur Tarun Sikka, Director, Nectar Hospitality who runs it with the same zeal and enthusiasm that goes into the making of each robust flavor in Switzerland. Mr Sikka is charting a steady expansion plan for Mövenpick in India while maintaining the brand’s premium nature and quality.



With the Noida flagship store, the path is set for the opening of more cafes in Delhi-NCR. Speaking about the Noida store, Tarun says,”Mövenpick ice creams embody the Swiss ethos of perfection, creativity and attention to detail. Since its inception, the brand has been using natural ingredients for its range of products like Bourbon vanilla pods from the tropical forests of Madagascar, the finest cocoa beans from the Maracaibo region of Venezuela or Canadian maple syrup from Quebec. We believe in offering our customers an indulgent menu which is a mix of old classics and new favourites in a fun environment, where they can experience the world class hospitality that Mövenpick is famous for“.

Submitted by Mövenpick for Chai Cake and Kitsch. 


Cheers ! Or Kanpai ?

Cheers in English,
Salute in Italian,
Yamas in Greek and Kanpai in Japanese! That’s what Bandra will be cheering to, the opening of the newest, chicest Japanese Bar & Lounge in town, Kanpai.

IMG_8440.JPGOpened above Shopper’s Stop Bandra, Kanpai has been brought to the city by the team of Kofuku. Kofuku caught the fancy of many a Japanese food admirers and found huge success quickly. At Kanpai, Chef James Biaka creates an aura with a sophisticated twist on the traditional Japanese Izakaya style of informal eating and drinking. Since I am off alcohol for a while, my review will only be extended to the food.

On the Blogger’s Table, my table rather, since I was the only vegetarian there!:

  1. To die for maki roll(veg)
  2. Crispy California roll(veg)
  3. Chilli garlic Edamame(veg)
  4. Rock corn in creamy spicy sauce(veg)
  5. Cristal vegetable dim sum (veg)

To die for maki roll – I devoured this sushi – Topped with soft avocado and a chilli mayo, it was close to a melting moment. I wish the size of the sushi piece was smaller though, making it easier to eat.


Crispy California roll – Now I know there’s nothing unique about a California roll, but the layer of inari tofu on top with a burnt, barbecued flavour sets this one apart ! Maybe this could’ve been called To Die For !


Yicky icky something nuts ! My apologies, but these odd looking Gingko nuts were tasted every bit as funny as they looked. The texture was akin to olives, but stickier, they lacked flavour and just left a bad taste on my palate.


Chilli Garlic edamame – if I could’ve eaten the entire bowl of these without looking like a glutton, there’s no doubt that I  wouldn’t have! They are an extremely healthy option with loads of flavour! You can’t go wrong with chilli and garlic now can you?


Crystal vegetable dumplings – I think Chef added these on the menu when he was told a vegetarian would be joining the table! The dumplings were lovely, perfectly cooked, and it was pretty easy to pop all four in.


What’s not to like about deep fried corn balls covered in a spicy mayo? If you’re in mood to add a little something something on your cheat day, these babies are the right choice. These Rock Corn Balls stole my heart, and my calories !


With bars mushrooming all over Bandra, Kanpai certainly stands out. The music isn’t so loud, so you don’t have to scream your lungs out just to have the person opposite you listen to you. They aren’t experimenting with the menu and getting it wrong so that’s a welcoming change! The decor is minimalistic yet chic, a great place to be at even on weekdays.

To book a table at Kanpai, call on 022-66955105 / 022-66955106.

Photo courtesy: Alok Verma


High Tea at Taj Lands End, Mumbai


“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me” – C. S. Lewis


My journey and fondness for more than just Masala Chai began during my stint in the UK and has stayed with me since. I lived in the North of UK where it’s freezing cold most of the year so a nice cup of pipping hot tea and a pair of warm cozy socks made me the happiest. It’s amazing to see though how seriously the British take their teatime! In fact we used to often joke that refusing a cup of tea in the UK could be considered anarchy ! Jokes aside, some of the most stunning tea parlours can be found in this magical country –

  1. 21 Absolutely Charming Tea Rooms You Have To Visit, by Buzzfeed UK-
  2. Best Tea Rooms in England by Conde Nast Traveller –

Making afternoon tea a highly fashionable beverage, Portuguese Princess Catherine de Braganza brought the royal court’s favourite drink to the city in myriad flavours and aromas“. The Taj Lands End Mumbai, invites you to sneak into the life of a trend setter and uncover the tales of teas in her treasure trove.

The trend of high tea began when having tea in the afternoon, known as Afternoon Tea for obvious reasons, shifted from the privilege of the upper class to the working class. To bridge the gap between lunch and dinner, afternoon tea began as a mini meal between the two. The working class however could not afford expensive tea and the accompaniments that followed, nor could they drink tea at the same hour. Their schedules allowed them to get home only late evening, leaving them famished, which gave rise to the modern day fashionable, High Tea.


Says Chef Aniruddha Roy, “The most quintessential of customs observed by Bandra-ites have been acquired by the Portugal and European traditions. Inspired by the ceremonious means of enjoying a good time with family and friends, we have introduced a lavish menu of teas and delectable treats to make afternoons a memorable time of the dayThe most quintessential of customs observed by Bandra-ites have been acquired by the Portugal and European traditions. Inspired by the ceremonious means of enjoying a good time with family and friends, we have introduced a lavish menu of teas and delectable treats to make afternoons a memorable time of the day”. 


On the Menu:

Queen’s Bellini – Raspberry infused Prosecco
East Indian Shandy – Infused with raspberry
Curry Leaf Martini – The Highlight of the evening!


Parsi Chai – With a touch of nutmeg and loads of cardamom, and a tad too much milk, but full of aroma ❤


Fruit Tarts
Cupcakes (a.k.a. HEAVEN)
Mushroom buns
Mini Cucumber and Chutney Sandwich


These cupcakes are made of from rice flour, coconut and Parmesan cheese ! The saltiness of the cheese cuts right through the sweetness of the coconut making them a big hit.


The sliders were delicious, full of flavour, a little difficult to eat being that they were a little too tall, but a great way to cut the sweetness of the chocolates, pastries and cupcakes. I was a little disheartened to see the chutney sandwich and paneer on the menu though. I’d have preferred something a little more experimental.


Besides the lovely food and drinks, I must also compliment the carefully detailed, exquisite decor by the Executive Housekeeper I am told. Look at the centrepieces ! Not to mention we were also treated to the uber famous Taj Hospitality.

This particular Friday evening was most certainly my cup of tea 😉 The High Tea is available on all days of the week at the Atrium Lounge from 3 p.m to 6 p.m.

Prices: Rs. 795 + taxes (Tea High Tea) / Rs 995 + taxes (Tea High Tea and 2 Cocktails)