Bao Chica Wow Wow!

The latest culinary trend that seems to have caught up to us Mumbaikars’ palates’ is the Taiwanese Bao, or Gua Bao, or (primarily) pork belly buns.. However, with the number of vegetarians around, restaurants to have created their new, fun versions, a job well done.

The Fatty Bao, pretty much responsible for the bao’s popularity, announces their #BaoWowFestival this February At The Fatty Bao, Mumbai and Delhi. 

“Thirteen varieties of soft pillowy white baos, each filled with a fusion of flavours and just fourteen days to taste them all! Step in to The Fatty Bao, from 1st February to 14th February 2016 for the #BaoWowFestival and feast on a variety of baos with different fillings and combinations. Bite into these white steamed buns packed with an array of different meats and fillings, each one more delicious than the other. An awesome selection of Baos- a pick of our all time favourites and a whole new selection of inventive combinations, especially created for the festival by Executive Chef Prashanth.”

Last night I was at The Fatty Bao, Bandra for a preview, and for a change I was lucky enough to get a table the moment I entered. It is crazy, absolutely crazy how packed this place gets even on a weekday ! It is much deserved though. I’ve been here twice and have always been treated to exceptional service, great cocktails and scrumptious food. Oh and not to mention the uber cool decor and fun vibe.

What I had:
Spicy Mushroom and Chickpea Bao, drizzled with chilli garlic mayo, the Cheesy Kimchi Potato Bao with scallion, sprinkled with Korean chili powder and the Fried Eggplant Bao marinated in miso with kimchi cabbage and a drizzle of Sriracha sauce.

Of the 3, the Spicy Mushroom and Chickpea Bao is my pick because unfortunately, the bread dominates the other 2 dishes. The Cheesy Kimchi Potato Bao sounds promising but sadly fails to deliver. It has great potential but has very little filling and is not cheesy enough. The Eggplant Bao also could use a more flavour. I did have the opportunity to meet Chef and let him know what I thought, he was extremely gracious in accepting my feedback. It’s a little heartbreaking because I’ve always left the restaurant with a great taste in my mouth. I did order the Vegetarian Curry Ramen bowl and that was finger licking good, as always! 

Baos - The Fatty Bao - Photos Courtesy Kunal Chandra-7.jpg

Photo courtesy: Kunal Chandra

There’s no doubt that The Fatty Bao still continues to remain on my list of must visits in Mumbai. In the meantime, do be a part of their festival and be sure to use the official hashtag – #BowWow.

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