Loaded With Love

Address: Shop 2, Ground Floor, Near Ambedkar Statue, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Khar (W),
Telephone: 9821558085

Wow.. ok so my title’s kind of cheesy.. but when you have a Dessert Bistro owned by a young lady who never fails to greet her customers with a smile, you’re bound to feel loved 🙂 Found in the busy lanes of Khar, Loaded – The Dessert Bistro, is a definite go to on your list to satisfy your sweet tooth. The owner/chef Tripti Singh is extremely welcoming and certainly cooks with a whole lot of love. I was invited recently by the boys at Eat Aloud (who happen to be my juniors from school, such a small world!) for a tasting at Loaded. Easy to say it was irresistible, since all the desserts here are eggless (!).


On the menu we had:


The Zombie
Espresso Vanilla Italian Cream Soda – This concoction deserves a big thumbs up. Chilled, refreshing and an instant wake up call, I loved this. Except maybe the ice cream content could have been toned down.


Nutella Brownie Crunch Sandwich
Ohh helloooo heaven! Behold the Nutella Brownie Crunch Sandwich – Described as a crunchy, gooey indulgence with heaps of Nutella, brownie and butterscotch chips, a bite into this and you’re going to know what true love really is. The hidden element is salted caramel that gives you a fun tinge at the end of every bite otherwise there’s a chance this could’ve gotten a tad bit too sweet. Do NOT leave Loaded without having this one.


Red Velvet Crepe

Just when I thought Red Velvet was too passé, I was introduced to Red Velvet Crepes. The perfect amount of sweetness, go ahead, be cheesy and share this one with your Valentine 😉


Cheesy Nachos

The Nachos unfortunately were a bit of a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, they were certainly a welcome change from all the sweetness, but I’m not so sure I’d spend money to eat a plate of Cornitos drizzled with mayo, cheese sauce and topped with mushrooms and olives. Delicious for sure, but not something I’d spend on when I can easily replicate them at home.


Strawberry Paradise – Double decker waffle sandwich
Ok is there a word like yummiest, because this SURE AS HELL WAS! I can’t remember the last time I had soft, melt in your mouth, kind of eggless waffles.. Thank you for this Loaded ! I know where to head to the next time I’ve got a craving. Stuffed with Nutella, whipped cream, fresh strawberries and chocolate shavings, this brought about a yummy in my tummy moment.


The Strawberry Banana Split
I can’t really comment on this one since it had pretty much melted by the time it got to me but the other bloggers definitely seemed to enjoy it.  – Ripe banana, strawberry compote, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate ganache, brownie chunks, butter roasted cashews, with cherry on top. What’s not to love?


Overall, easy to say I’m happy to give this cute little Bistro 4 stars 🙂 Do let me know about your experience at the Loaded by writing to me at chaicakekitsch@gmail.com.

Follow them on Twitter: loaded_bistro, Instagram and Facebook: loadedbistro


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