Restaurant Review: Fratelli Fresh

Renaissance Mumbai recently invited us to an ‘Art and Lunch – R Art Series’ event at their restaurant Fratelli Fresh, run by Chef Christian. It sounded like the perfect plan for a cozy Sunday afternoon. It did not unfortunately live up to what I had imagined.

If I’m being honest, it is a little disheartening when you’re invited for an event and the venue is not set up for you. We were about 10 bloggers who had this opportunity and we were all left disappointed. Not only did the event begin late (slated to begin at noon, it did not start until 1.30!), well.. it didn’t really turn out to be an event.. The artist had put up his creations on display and that was about it. Somehow, we did not get the chance to have him tell us what inspired his creations, etc.

So we decided to move on to brunch, curated by the charming Chef Christian.

Fratelli Fresh

The lighting allowed for delicious photography. Hopefully you shall all enjoy these photos 🙂 As much as I would have loved to begin with dessert, as inviting as they looked, I decided to start healthy and picked up a bunch of greens, some olives, some caprese, baby roast potatoes and sautéed asparagus. Freshly served, not soaking in olive oil and / or salad dressing, these were a great start.


Lunch comprised of the usual, different types of pastas, ravioli (Chef’s recommendation), pizzas and a hot curry. These failed to impress. Sorry Chef – even though all his pastas are freshly made everyday, I’ve had better ravioli. Stuffed with spinach and cheese, this lacked garlic, butter and the pasta itself was too thick.

Now to the best part of the meal. Even though I’m watching my weight and therefore could not gorge on too many of these, I was pretty impressed with the spread and presentation. Feel free to drool.


This one was called Pistachio Religious (?!). As pretty as it looks, not sure if I’d give this a try.


Pretty looking red velvet squares. I consider red velvet to be overrated but hey, if you’re a fan, nothing should stop you.

I did have great company, so overall it was a lovely brunch:) Here are my ratings ( _ / 5 ):

Overall: 3
Service: 2.5
Food Quality: 3
Ambience: 2.5

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