Quick Monsoon Fixes

It’s July 17 already, and what is up with the Rain Gods!? Are they miffed with us? Mumbai city has definitely not witnessed a good monsoon season and it’s just hot and sticky and ugh! However, here’s a thought. Maybe we could go whip up some cocktails and then just maybe, we won’t feel so bad about it ? 😉 Here are 3 great cocktail recipes prepared by Chef Vijay Anand Bakshi –  Head of Culinary Operations, Barbeque Nation.




Vodka – 60ml
Dried Apricots – 8 chunks
Apricot Jam – 2 spoons
Lime juice – 25ml
Kaffir Lime – 1 leaf
Garnish – Kaffir lime leaf


1. Muddle the dried apricots and jam.

2. Add lime juice, Vodka and broken kaffir lime leaf.

3. Shake and fine strain in a chilled martini glass.

Chef’s Tip: Serve in martini glasses

Botanical Bloody Mary



Vodka – 60 ml
Celery Salt – A Pinch
Lime juice- 20 ml
Tabasco sauce – 2 dashes
Worcestershire sauce – 2 dashes
Angostura bitters – 2 dashes
Horseradish – ½ bar spoon
Tomato juice – 120ml
Garnish – Fresh Parsley sprig and salt rim


1. Add all the ingredients in an ice filled and salt rimmed old fashioned glass and stir to mix well.

Chef’s Tip: Serve in old fashioned glassware

Spicy Jalapenos Margarita



Tequila – 45ml
Triple Sec – 25ml
Jalapenos – 3-4
Lime juice – 25ml
Garnish – Sugar rim with lemon slice


1. Gently muddle the jalapeños, add the rest of the ingredients and shake. 2. Fine strain in a chilled glass with a sugar rim (Watch the technique here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Orv1qXbhAqg)

Chef’s tip: Serve in Margarita glassware

Try one of these out this weekend and let me know what you think! Write to me at chaicakekitsch@gmail.com.

These recipes have been submitted by Barbeque Nation.

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