Restaurant Review: The Bombay Canteen

Address: Kamala Mills, Lower Parel
Tel: + 91 22 49666666
Reservations: Recommended
Open Tuesday through Sunday and currently closed on Mondays
Timings: 12 noon to 1am
Lunch: average meal for 2 without alcohol: Rs.800; with alcohol: Rs.1,100
Dinner: average meal for 2 without alcohol: Rs.1,600; with alcohol: Rs.2,400
(excluding taxes)

Located in a corner of Kamla Mills, The Bombay Canteen is everything Indian with a twist, quite a twist if I may say so. I was one of the food bloggers invited to a preview of the lunch menu introduced by the restaurant and I’m really glad that I got to be one of the lucky few.

CEO Sameer Seth and COO Yash Bhanage greeted us warmly and took us through a little tour of what was previously a bungalow. Blending together Indian and modern décor perfectly, I fell in love with the old school tiles and open kitchen.

Lunch (for me) started with a deliciously prepared hot toddy as a relief for my sore throat. Thoroughly infused with honey, cardamom and cinnamon sticks, this was much needed. My fellow bloggers had the opportunity of picking a drink off the menu, but that gives me a good enough reason to visit the restaurant again ;). Every item on the menu is an amalgamation of Indian flavours and classic cocktails like the Jugaad (bourbon, rose tincture and fresh, tart pomegranate juice) or the Rim Zhim Masala Soda. For my non-drinkers, the Passion Fruit & Star Anise Iced Tea was pretty popular on the table.


Here’s all that I tried and boy did I eat!

We were served the methi & arugula salad, pumpkin & paneer seekh kebabs with a mooli, apple & walnut raita, Kutchi dabeli, spicy sabzi paratha roll, Tamil ‘Kothu Roti’, multi grain khichdi, and the hero of the afternoon, vegetarian Canteen Tiffin box. And this is only the vegetarian stuff!


I was a tad bit sceptical about the methi and arugula salad, but Chef Thomas has brought in all the flavours and textures brilliantly. This one is a MUST HAVE. The pumpkin and paneer seekh kebabs were an absolute melting moment. The raita especially, was refreshing on a hot summer day. The Kutchi dabeli unfortunately was a bit of a let down since I’ve eaten the ones on the streets of Gujarat, but the parathas made up for it. They were served with a side of incredibly fresh salad as well. Big thumbs up. The Tamil Kothu Roti was delicious, with roasted cauliflowers, disco pumpkin and coconut gravy. It’s also served with a single fried egg but that’s optional. The multi grain khichdi was a bit of a let down because it sounded extremely healthy but was served with quite the tadka of ghee. Good on taste though, nonetheless. By this time I could not eat a morsel further, however when the hero, the Canteen Tiffin box was served I could not hold myself back. It is served with a side, salad and a sweet dish. There are mustard chicken curry, Kerala egg roast and sprouted bean and paneer bhurji options. DELISH!


I promised myself at this point that I would not eye the desserts to say the least but all my sweet teeth gave in! You cannot leave the restaurant without trying the old monk gulab jamun. I only wish it was served slightly hotter. I’m not a fan of anything rose flavoured so falooda was out of the question. The masala chai popsicles were an interesting take on chai and the guava tan-ta-tan (puff pastry with chilli ice cream) was a little too spicy for my taste. I can’t handle spicy food but if you can, then this must be tried.


There’s absolutely no doubt that I will be back at the restaurant especially since I’ve been told the vibe is much better at night. Tasteful interiors, top quality food and friendly service make The Bombay Canteen a must visit on my list of Mumbai’s top spots.

One thought on “Restaurant Review: The Bombay Canteen

  1. Hey I went after reading your review and trust me I wasnt disappointed one bit! You were bang-on!!!Thank you Chai Cake and Kitsch…….keep ’em coming!

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