Café Review: Sugar Rush

Address: 2, Bajaj Arcade, Union Park, Carters Road, Khar West, Mumbai – 400054
Telephone: 022-6530111/9820151417
Hours: 10.30 a.m. – 1 a.m.
All desserts are eggless.

If you’re driving down towards Carter Road from Khar, you will be compelled to see gorgeously bright, candy pink doors on the right side of the street. These doors will make you want to stop your car and walk into the mini candy land that is Sugar Rush. Now if only it was located on a cobbled street, with perhaps a rivulet gurgling by, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in Europe.


Owned by Rushda Azmi Shaikh, sister of renowned restaurateur Farhan Azmi, Sugar Rush is a delightful dessert boutique that made me forget I was in busy Mumbai for a few minutes. With a graduate degree in hotel management and a diploma in bakery, this is Rushda’s first venture. I stepped into Sugar Rush three weeks ago in order to satiate my sister’s chocolate cravings not knowing that I would be doing a review for them. I met Rushda and her family then and was greeted with extreme warmth. I’m always impressed when there’s a personal touch involved during sales, so she earned brownie points at that very moment 🙂

What I ate

A mud pie, blueberry, red velvet and chocolate ganache cupcakes, a cream cheese macaroon and a Nutella banana smoothie (new on the menu). A friend that had accompanied me tried that Strawberry smoothie. Don’t I just have everybody’s dream job?


You may stop drooling now.

The chocolate mud pie was TO DIE FOR. Incredibly gooey, you want to get your hands on this one. Of all the mini cupcakes, the blueberry was the one I liked the most. I should add here that the red velvet cupcake is totally devoid of food colour. They use fresh beetroot juice instead. In a world where everybody is still going gaga over red velvet, which is pretty much only food colour, this was pleasant surprise. The cream cheese macaroon was interesting to say the least. This is made from the base of the red velvet cupcake with sugar and cream cheese added. The Nutella banana smoothie was absolutely delicious, a tad on the sweeter side; if you don’t like your smoothies too sweet, there are plenty of other fresh fruit options to choose from, like the strawberry smoothie. It was a burst of fresh berries in my mouth. As summer approaches, I look forward to their mango smoothie.

With a back kitchen in Andheri, Rushda ensures that each dessert displayed in the boutique is made fresh every day. Besides the above, they also have a range of cakes (single pastry, 1/2 and 1 kilo), chocolates, cookies, brownies, breads and other beverages. They are also happy to make you custom cakes.


I fell in love with the charm Sugar Rush has to offer the minute I stepped into it. The interiors have been designed by Rushda’s husband Sakib Shaikh of Bombay Painting Works fame. His attention to detail is admirable. I particularly loved the cupcake wall clock. The French windows and candy pink high stools are sure to grab your attention.

DSC_0051 DSC_0034

Sugar Rush and Rushda were both an absolute delight and I definitely recommend a visit.

P.S. Do not leave without eating her mud pie!

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