Preparing your body before a vacation – Part II

Here are a few of my tips that will help you get through the process of eating clean and working out, to help you achieve your desired results faster.

Quick tips:

1. Put up a picture of the kind of body you idealise on your mirror and visualise yourself getting there.

2. Lock up all the sugar, cookies, and processed foods in a cabinet and ask someone in your family to keep the keys with them.

3. Lock up your liquor cabinet as well. Cocktails and beer are a strict NO.

4. Make a chart – one with your meals for the day and their timing. Carry it with you everywhere. If you really need help sticking to your diet, make it your laptop or mobile phone wallpaper. That way you will never forget.

5. Make one more chart – with your exercise schedule and STICK TO IT. If you know you will be working late the next day, wake up 30 minutes early and pack in your workout. Do 25 squats every time you use the loo. Find a way to get some movement. Whatever you do, don’t skip your workout.

Here are the challenges I took up this month. MUST BE DONE!




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